Sarthe, Metamorphosis of a Valley

6 décembre 2014 - 17 janvier 2015 Office de Tourisme - Rue du Château - 72300 Sablé-sur-Sarthe (France)

 Exhibition of Ana Tornel's original wet plates done during the Artists Residency 2014 of Atelier Malicot

Artist Residence 2014: The book Sarthe, Metamorphosis of a Valley has just been released. It is the result of Claudine Bertrand and Ana Tornel’s work.

By participating in the Malicot Studio Artists Residence, Claudine and Ana engaged themselves in an exercise of truth: to give us their personal view on what represents today the richness of the Sarthe Valley. Immersed in the poetry of the river, Claudine’s texts emerge flooded by truth, as well as Ana’s wet plates avoid the trap of nostalgia to describe with astonishing precision people’s life in this region.

Atelier Malicot
The Sarthe, Metamorphosis of a Valley project has received support from the European Rural Development LEADER of the Sarthe Valley County, the General Council of the Sarthe, the Community of Municipalities and the City of Sablé-sur-Sarthe, as well as from the Renault-Sablé Garage.