After completing a degree in Photography at Centre Iris in Paris, I pursued my professional career as a freelance photographer. My works have been published in the press and shown in exhibitions.

For the last few years, I have been focusing my work on a personal approach, daring to make much more subjective choices and using analog photography in order to adapt the shooting to the tempo of my creative process.

Dealing with short distances, delicate contre-jour and the dramatic contrast of light and shade leads me to get into the heart of the natural world and convey an ephemeral and mysterious atmosphere intended to elicit emotion.

Looking for a medium that matches better to my artistic project, I found out that alternative photography gave me the proper substance to translate the universe of my imagination. In 2012 and 2013, I attended several workshops on Wet Plate Collodion Positives, Negatives & Salt, Albumen and Collodion Chloride Printing with Quinn Jacobson.

By using this historical process, invented in the 1850s, I am exploring a different aesthetic in photography and trying to get away from a frenetic way of shooting.

In June-July 2014 I was in Residence of Artist at Malicot Studio, under the subject “Sarthe, Metamorphose of a Valley”, by means of the Wet Collodion process. I worked in tandem with the Canadian writer Claudine Bertrand. The whole work will be shown during one year all around the Sarthe Valley and the book has already been released.